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Our Services
Top class dentistry and a modern quality concept

Through continuous education and training, our treatment of you is always performed at the highest level and in accordance with the latest medical standards.

Our Service Portfolio Includes:

Professional Teeth Cleaning /
Preventative Treatment

Even if you brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly, there are always problem areas such as the spaces between the teeth, the gingiva (or gum line) or the molars, that a toothbrush can’t reach. Our dental professionals are experts in fluoridation and tooth sealants, and can remove tartar and stains, while polishing your teeth. We are happy to add you to our recall system and remind you in regular intervals about a new preventative care appointment.

Periodontology / Gum Treatment

Bleeding of the gums is a warning sign you should take seriously. Sometimes these problems are quickly remedied – for instance, you might be using too hard of a toothbrush. However, bleeding of the gums can also be an indication of a more serious condition, such as gum disease (gingivitis) or a bacterial infection of the periodontium (periodontitis). Therefore, it is imperative to use caution when dealing with gingival/periodontal pockets, because bacteria gather in these areas and cannot be elimintated with normal oral hygiene. We gently remove bacteria using ultrasound and through a microsurgical procedure treat receding gums (recessions) by adding a cover to the neck/cervix of the tooth. Surgical gum treatment with bone-building measures – if medically necessary – is also included in our range of services.

Preservation Dentistry

As long as a tooth is not too badly damaged, its preservation is our priority. In order to keep your teeth aesthetically pleasing and fully functional for as long as possible, we offer high quality posterior/side teeth fillings made of gold or ceramic and anterior/front teeth fillings made from ceramic reinforced plastic or composite material. As part of a root canal treatment (endodontics) we use antibacterial, hydrodynamic root canal rinses and structural, three-dimensional root canal preparations and fillings.


Healthy and beautiful teeth are important for your well being and your self-confidence. We offer a wide range of treatments that will have your teeth shining in the best light. These include bleaching, polishing and the removal of discoloration. With the help of ceramic veneers, which are permanently bonded to the front teeth, a significant beautification of the teeth, and hence your smile, can be achieved. The procedure is extremely gentle, yet very effective. In addition, we provide you with the fillings that match the exact color of your tooth and, if necessary, make corrections to the tooth position.

Prosthetics / Dentures

If a tooth can no longer be preserved, it must be replaced. It is important that the respective treatment does not cause any allergies and instead has an optimal medical and aesthetic result. When it comes to dentures, we pursue several different strategies. We offer minimally invasive ceramic restorations such as partial and full ceramic crowns, crowns without metal rim, classic bridge restorations as well as fixed implants which allow a prosthesis to be permanently installed. Our services also include the use of removable dentures, which allows patients to avoid prosthesis. We manufacture the dentures internally in our master technology laboratory. This ensures an excellent fit and a precise individual alignment.


If a tooth must be pulled due to decay or periodontitis, or is lost as a result of an accident, it can have extensive consequences on the other teeth. The stability of the entire set of teeth is impaired, and the jawbone is permanently weakened by the absence of pressure and stress that it’s accustomed to. In this situation, implants perform an important medical function. The strain associated with natural chewing can be restored to the jawbone. The implant is firmly anchored in the jaw and takes over the function of the dental root. A crown is placed on top of the implant and closes the gap in the teeth. A positive optical impression and chewing function are restored once again. Among our services in the field of implantology are:

Front Teeth / Aesthetic Zone Implants
Bone Building Measures (Augmentation)
Sinus Lift / Sinus Floor Structure
Bone Grafting
Tissue-Conserving Minimally Invasive Ultrasound Surgery
Soft Tissue Surgery

Functional Therapy

Teeth grinding, tension of the masticatory (or chewing) muscles, and noticeable cracking of the jaw joints (Temporomandibular Joints) indicate disorders in the masticatory system. Functional therapy re-establishes the harmonious interaction between teeth, muscles and the jaw. Among the functional impairments and medical conditions we deal with in our practice include: craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), tinnitus (ringing of the ears), mandibular joint discomfort (including cervical spondylosis), and abrasions caused by grinding of the teeth.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery also constitutes an important part of our work. “Classical” services in this area include the removal of wisdom teeth, which often do not develop properly and are prone to misalignment. This misalignment, caused by a lack of space in the jaw, can affect the health of other teeth. The removal of teeth and root end surgery are part of our oral surgery competence.

Recontructive Dentistry

Modern dentistry provides the clinician with a broad spectrum of different treatment technologies and procedures available. From these various materials and possibilities, we select the best therapeutic approach to correct the tooth and jaw problems of our patients permanently and as painless as possible. Our goal is to tailor a specialized and aesthetically optimal treatment to meet your individual needs. Of course this also applies to the rule of transparency. During our personal conversation with you, we clarify all related medical issues and explain in detail the time and cost associated with your treatment.

Laser Treatment

Photo-activated laser therapy kills all bacteria without antibiotics. This treatment is quick and painless, and best of all, there are no side-effects.

Stefan Widmann, DDS
Dentist and Certified Implantologist
Sonnenstrasse 3 · 80331 Munich
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